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Start accepting Bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network within minutes using VoltPay Point of Sale

  • A Fast & Easy Setup
  • Savings of up to 3% on Payment Processing
  • Easily Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments in Minutes
Download at Google Play Download on the App Store
Download at Google Play Download on the App Store
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₿ Bitcoin


Sell your products in exchange for the hardest money known to man

⚡ Lightning Network

Lightning Network

Experience instant settlement on lightning. As soon as a payment is made you have your funds

Low Fees

Ditch the fees

Give traditional banks and payment processors with their high merchant fees the flick

How it works


Download VoltPay
Access VoltPay either in the App Store or Play Store , depending on your device. Download the app directly to your mobile device.


Create an Account
To create an account on VoltPay all you have to do is add your business name and email, and create a password for your account. Setting up an account is fast and easy.


Confirm Your Email
Once you set up your account, you’ll receive a verification code sent to your email. Open up your email and confirm your email address with that verification code.
4 Start Using VoltPay
After following the steps above, your account is set up. You can create your own products or enter custom amounts to process your payments accordingly. It’s that easy!

Tech-Free Bitcoin Payment Processing

VoltPay is easy to use, easy to set up, and never requires any complicated technical software or hardware. Small business owners can now compete with large competitors by offering customers a convenient way to pay with the world’s hardest form of money; Bitcoin.

VoltPay makes accepting Bitcoin payments easy for businesses. Instead of an expensive percentage fee per transaction, VoltPay is a subscription-based service with a flat fee. Businesses can easily save around 3% on merchant processing fees when they choose VoltPay.

Product library

Industry leading features.
Bring your business into
the future with Bitcoin.

VoltPay is incredibly easy to use, all you have to do is download the app. Start accepting Bitcoin at your farmer’s market, small business boutique, or as a contractor when you use our app.

  • QR code lightning invoice support
  • Fast payment of invoices, instant settlement
  • Build & manage your product catalogue
  • Lightning Network or on-chain Bitcoin withdrawals with no added fees
  • Quickly toggle display between bitcoin/satoshis or your local currency

We have an extensive roadmap with huge features on the way including:

  • Lightning address and LNURL support
  • Automated scheduled withdrawals to your own external wallet/cold storage
  • Full transaction reporting for easy business accounting
  • Support for plugging in your own node making VoltPay non-custodial
  • NFC (tap to pay) support
  • Much, much more...

Instant Funds Settlement.
Permanently Free Tier.

Never again wait for your funds, thanks to the Lightning Networks’s instantaneous settlement process. Our app ensures you get the funds you’re owed quickly and easily. We offer a free subscription tier for all users of VoltPay. Never worry about being charged an expensive subscription fee for transactions in the free tier threshold when you choose the VoltPay app.



We’re committed to ensuring you have the highest quality support for all your Bitcoin processing needs. Use and accept Bitcoin with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that every payment is backed by first-in-class support through our team.

VoltPay is a simple point of sale app to supercharge your business by accepting Bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network.

VoltPay is so easy to use you will need no technical knowledge and compared to other services you don't need to own Bitcoin to get started. We'll have you ready to accept payments in minutes.

Currently to use VoltPay is completely free.

We will be introducing paid subscription tiers but we will always have a free tier available. We are here to support micro/small businesses as best we can and we believe making payment processing extremely affordable is the best way to achieve this.

For refunds and withdrawals on-chain or lightning routing fees will be applied to the transactions. We do not add any fees on top of these. Lightning routing fees are generally very very low (near 0).

Currently we support Bitcoin. This will be the only digital currency supported by VoltPay, however in the not too distant future we will be looking to add support for certain fiat currencies as well.

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play store and download the VoltPay app. Once you have downloaded the app tap Create account and enter your business name, email and create a secure password.

An email will be sent to your address with a confirmation code. Enter the code in the app and you're ready to go. You can now start creating your product catalogue or create invoices on the Keypad screen with custom items.

  1. Add the required products or custom items to the shopping cart
  2. Once all items have been added tap the Cart button
  3. Check that all items displayed are correct then tap the Pay button
  4. A lightning invoice QR code will be displayed on the screen. Your customer should scan the QR code with their lightning wallet and pay the invoice
  5. Once the payment has been transferred the app will update confirming that the invoice was paid

  1. From the Balance screen tap the Incoming transactions option
  2. Find the paid invoice that you would like to refund
  3. Tap the refund button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Enter a lightning invoice provided by your customer for the refund amount
  5. Tap the "Confirm refund" button

  1. Once logged in to the app go to More then Withdrawals. Tap the icon in the top right of the screen to create a new withdrawal.
  2. Enter a lightning invoice or a valid on-chain bitcoin address and amount
  3. The network transfer fees will be displayed. If you are happy with this tap the Withdraw button
  4. If your account requires withdrawal confirmation you will be emailed a confirmation code. Enter the code in the confirm screen
  5. Withdrawals are batched. Check back on your withdrawal in a few minutes and it will have been processed

We have quite an extensive roadmap of features that we will be working on over the next few months. In addition to this we welcome your feedback and would love for you to get in touch with any feature requests.

If you have found an issue with the app please get in contact via email or Twitter and we'll sort it out. Provide as much detail as possible including screen shots and what device you are using.

Get in touch

If you need assistance please contact us via email or get in contact on Twitter.

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